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The official Twitter account of Huawei Mobile Brazil has been hacked, attackers have sent offensive messages to provoke rival Apple.

The hack took place on Black Friday in Brazil, but at the time of writing the tweets have been already removed. The messages also mocked the needy people living in Brazil who would never buy a Huawei smartphone. Another message aimed at Apple with offensive words and ended with the statement “We are the best!”.

Huawei acknowledged that its products are too expensive for a large part of the Brazilians, for this reason, it plans to apply special discounts starting on Black Friday.

Huawei continues to invest in Brazil, where it launched new products on the smartphone market, including FreeBuds Lite wireless headsets, along with the P30 and P30 Lite.

“However, the company caught the public’s attention at the eve of Black Friday with some embarrassing tweets. That’s because the official account of the company – Huawei Mobile Brazil – on Twitter has been hacked.” reported the website.

“One of the messages was dedicated to the Black Friday, and Huawei pranksters promised that poor users will not be able to buy the company’s equipment and all for the glory of communism.”

Once discovered the hack, the Chinese firm has apologized for the incident and announced an investigation to identify the hackers and punish them.


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